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We hear so many stories about women who have had the unlucky experience of being targeted by fuckboys. We're well aware these creatures are fuckiest of fucks. Their levels of bitchassness are astronomical, and they tend to sit on a spectrum from the ones who send the ‘u up?’ message at 2am, to the ones you thought were half decent, but actually in the end turned out to be nothing but a damn fool. But whilst we're pointing the finger at these vile beings, I’m pretty sure some of us ladies have participated in some fuckery too! Yeah you know that's right... 😬🙈


Fuckboy or fuckgirl, they exist and they're nothing but trouble. The reason why these individuals are so hard to fight off is because they're fun, charming, confident, charismatic and likely to be hot! Personally I think fuckgirls are a lot less common to find, at the same time very hard to spot. This is simply because they're really sly and tactical. Fuckgirls are straight up stealth! This kind of woman knows what she wants and is strategic with every step she takes. She'll never act needy or desperate for your attention because she knows she’s already got it. She's meticulous, self-assured and will usually be one step ahead of you. She knows when and exactly how to flirt, she's a sweet talker by nature, and most of the time, will tell you exactly what you want to hear. Rest assured, this fairy of fuckery will not shy away from “accidentally” touching your arm. She does what she needs to do to get the victim hooked and leaves them wanting more...


Sometimes it's difficult to see people for who they really are. So as an early Christmas present I’ve decided to gift you all with a list of common traits and things that a fuckgirl might posess and/or do. Ladies, please read and reflect carefully I’m sure you know exactly who I’m talking about... but that's none of my business! 👀🐸☕

  1. She's attractive and knows it. She loves herself! You can bet her Instagram page is full selfies... displaying her face, chest or booty! She'll do the most for the 'gram just to hoover up as many "likes" as possible.

  2. She'll happily initiate or entertain an ex or old flame every now and then. This is done purely for an ego boot and to check to see if she's still got it like that.

  3. She has knowingly been a side chick before. And won't mind either because she lacks morals and empathy.

  4. She will use sex as a weapon. Being attractive does half the job getting the attention she desires. She also knows that once someone becomes enchanted by her sexuality, she holds the power and will use it to her advantage. She'll flirt and tease in order to get what she wants.

  5. She will string guys along for fun. A very confusing, unpredictable person and hard to read. She'll get really close to you and act very suggestive, you're suddenly thinking you're in with a chance of asking her to come over... but then she just drops it, claiming she's busy. Now you might not hear from her for a few days. 😕❓

  6. She's left her friends or cancelled on them before, just for the d… If you catch her glued to her phone throughout the evening, then suddenly leaving at 8pm because she's "not feeling it", "not feeling great" or will straight up tell you she's off to meet "that fine ass man"... no guesses to where she's rushing off to! You might also want to think about the times when she cancelled on the girl's night out at the last minute.

  7. She'll play games but claims she doesn't like people who play games. She thrives on messing with people's head, treating everything as a little power game. This entire situation is just for fun and to make her life more interesting.

  8. She only likes things that benefit her. She's a receiver not a giver. Her way or the highway. It might seem like she cares, but granted it's consistently all about her needs, her wants and her happiness.

  9. She'll keep the "relationship" on the DL. When a fuckgirl talks to her friends about the guy she's "seeing", she'll only refer to him as “this guy I know” or "some dude".

  10. She'll keep you at a distance. A fuckgirl doesn’t want to let you into her life. She doesn’t want you to meet her family, friends, or make any real commitment to you. If she starts feeling uncomfortable with how close you’ve become, she’ll pick fights with you for no reason and try to sabotage your situation by any means, in hope that you'll lose interest. If she loses you, she won't see it as a loss because she's numb to any genuine feelings and won’t even shed a tear.

  11. She'll leave people on read until she feels like messaging you back. Could be hours, days or weeks later! It's either she's not in the mood to get into a whole ass conversation with you or she's using the time to prepare all the lies you're about to hear, ie. "yeahhh the sex was great! 😏"

  12. Her choice of emojis will be along the lines of.... 😏😉😘💋👅🍑

  13. She moves on quick. From one thing to the next fling, guys don't last more than a week before she gets bored. She's the type of person who is never not ‘talking’ to someone and likely to have several guys on rotation anyway... you just don't it.

  14. She'll blow hot and cold. One minute she'll flirt with you aggressively, spend all night bantering with you over text, maybe even meet up for a "Netflix and Chill" session. Then suddenly you won’t hear from her until you receive the “Sorry, I’ve been so busy lately” or something like that. Don't get it twisted, she’s just working on other people.

My my my... you would think I was a fuckgirl myself with all the inside knowledge I have! I'm not gonna lie, I can relate to a couple of these points! And you know what? I’m not sorry. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I wanted to share this information for those who might be wondering whether they're dealing a potential fuckgirl. All I can say is stay woke, protect your heart, put yourself first and steer clear of this dangerous territory. This savage has not got your best intentions at heart. 💔 FYI: By no means am I an expert in fuckgirlism, all the above is based on my own experience, listening in on conversations with friends and general research!

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