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Cooking with a partner not only benefits your health but also your emotional wellbeing. This simple act cultivates your relationship and encourages things such as team work, communication, reduces stress, boosts creativity, and helps to build positive memories. In this week's post I wanted to share a little bit about my experience being in the kitchen with a certain someone, and how it's massively strengthened our bond so far...

I've always been a foodie and regularly put my culinary skills to the test so it's a huge bonus when I find a person who shares the same level of enthusiasm in these things. You'll be pleased to know that "Ed Sheeran" is still on the scene and while we're only a few months into our journey, I have to say that he's been an absolute sweetheart and I thoroughly enjoy spending time with him. After discovering just how much we love to eat, we started listing a bunch of recipes for us to cook together eventually we began dedicating a full day during the weekend which is now known as "Food Adventure Day" where we would meet up early in the morning, grab a coffee, get down to the local butchers and/or grocery store, then head back for the prep work. Following the main course, Ed would usually make cocktails and (if we're in the mood) perhaps grab dessert as the final push into our food comas 💀⚰️ In all seriousness though, I don't think I've taken as much pleasure in cooking as I have with Ed. His calm, easy going nature, and awesome listening skills goes hand in hand with my energetic, systematic, results driven approach. Our contrasting personalities means plenty of laughter ahead, it's so easy to identify which parts of the process we love and which parts we're not so keen on. For example, Ed is a bit clumsy and doesn't like cleaning so he tends to rush through it 🙄 but I appreciate nothing more than a clean workstation, and would rather handle things with extra care. It's these moments where we poke fun at each other and get the eyeballs rolling (mainly me), but knowing there's mutual respect and support between us... even for the smallest things like peeling carrots! For me, that's such a comforting feeling. Then of course, each cooking session involves the cute and romantic side... like stealing a few kisses and cuddles while waiting for the timer to go off, or clinking glasses after we plate up while I proudly announce "yesss! we bloody smashed this one yet againnn!" I truly think cooking is one of the best ways to learn about your partner and grow closer to them. Whether you're freshly dating, newlyweds, or are in the full swing of marriage — whatever the case, I highly recommend it. Hell, you could even do it with a friend! And in my opinion, these are by far the biggest benefits:

TEAM WORK AND COMMUNICATION Cooperation and communication go hand in hand; you can't have one without the other. Working together in the kitchen requires both parties to communicate to make sure that the steps of the recipe are completed properly. We all know strong communication is the foundation of a healthy, happy relationship, so it's important that you and your partner work together to develop this skill. Likewise, sharing responsibilities and having that "we're in this together" attitude can solidify the notion of taking care of each other. CREATING POSITIVE MEMORIES Doing fun activities with your partner sends feel-good hormones throughout your body And where food is concerned; taste, flavour and textures all help with memory association. As such, moments in the kitchen acts as a catalyst in creating powerful, positive and long lasting memories. OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN

Cooking alone has some great educational and health benefits; from learning best practices, exploring new ingredients to discovering dishes from various cultures. With the addition of a kitchen buddy, you can teach each other different methods and techniques based on your particular skills and expertise, and also find out what their taste preferences are.

A lot of people say that they're just too busy to cook but that shouldn't be the case. If you have an hour spare for browsing through social media every day, then you definitely have time to make a meal! I hope this post encourages you to chuck on your aprons and put your cheffing skills to the test. Above all, just enjoy the quality time together. All the best my loves x

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