• Damsel In Dating Distress


One of the best series during the late 90s through to early 00s in my opinion, and if you weren’t a fan then you surely must have heard about it? For those who have no idea what I’m on about, well… I'm a little disappointed ☹️, but in a nutshell, Sex and the City (SATC) explores New York city’s dating scene, where four sassy friends, Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha are in search of love, romance, long-lasting relationships and sex!

One character in particular was portrayed as fiercely independent and the queen of openness. We could always rely on Samantha Jones to bring humour to the show with her witty and uncensored comments – my fave character and spirit animal for sure! From sex to self-confidence, there are a few seeds of wisdom that we can learn from the most outrageous member of the SATC foursome. Tell it like it is. No BS. A woman with no filter. She doesn’t mince words and it doesn’t mean that she’s overly opinionated or rude, it just means she’s confident in her own thoughts, feelings, and opinions and isn’t afraid to share them with the world.

Putting yourself first One of her most iconic lines. This quote reminds us that it’s okay to be selfish and there’s nothing wrong with looking out for number one… ourselves!

Never judging anyone for the choices they make. No matter what choices, no matter what anyone is going through. Simply being there for someone without saying a word is enough.

Not conforming to the norm. As long as you're feeling happy and satisfied with your status, why change what’s working by complicating things?

No one is perfect. It's good to challenge your ignorance and look beyond the man with the perfect looks, A-grade sex, great sense of humour, amazing career, family orientated, chivalry and all the other qualities on your list. Everyone is flawed, so the better they are at hiding it, the faster you need to run.

Always make the effort to look your best. Be confident in your own skin.

Age, size, weight – who cares? You better wear your outfits with confidence.

Forget the past and move on. Don’t dwell or overanalyse things that can’t be undone. Keep it moving and never have regrets because they all help in getting where you are now.

There are way more important things in life than finding the right guy. Don’t waste your life searching for the perfect man. Go enjoy yourself instead. Hair, nails, wax, massage, exercise… name it, and go do it.

Know who you are and don’t apologise for it.

Okay, I'm not always right… just most of the time.

Children aren’t for everyone. What’s wrong with enjoying life, looking good with a couple of dogs for the rest of your life?

And fuck y’all bitches. 🖕🏼

Sure she was unconventional but of the four she seemed to know who she was and what she wanted the most. I love that! So here’s to Samantha Jones 🥂🍾

"50 and fabulous!”
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