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If you're reading this blog post then you're probably up to speed with my latest dating drama which I'm sure you can agree has been quite a pickle! 🥴 Whilst I'm slightly perplexed about the vested interest in my (ridiculous) love life, it's been nice to share parts of my journey with you (lots of love to the amazing dating community!) I've had a fair few dating/relationships dilemmas in the past; the majority of these leaving me rather unamused, but this "episode" has certainly kept me delightfully entertained, if not a tad confused at times! So... grab a beverage, get comfortable because I'm about to drop Part 1 of this bloody spectacle. 👀 You know what, I feel like I'm hyping this up a bit too much. *Disclaimer* it's really not that exciting! 😅


If I had to give myself £1 every time I said I was on a dating hiatus, I wouldn't have to work again! The truth is I get bored sometimes... yes, I do have hobbies and interests but I also like to sprinkle a little bit of excitement into my day once in a while — so that's where reinstalling dating apps comes into play. I know we all do it, let's not pretend. With my dating life, the way I see it is... yeah finding a guy I can build a good connection with and potentially date for the longterm would be lovely but I don't approach dating with a clipboard and checklist in my hand. I genuinely enjoy getting to know people, living in the moment, and discovering new bars/pubs/restaurants. On top of that, I find it extremely entertaining (and amusing) swiping through various profiles witnessing the most insane bios — you've seen my "Tinder trolling" collection on my Instagram highlights right? 🙈 If there's one thing I have to say about dating: you've got to make it fun.


I've used numerous dating apps and over time I've always found myself gravitating towards Hinge and Tinder. With Hinge I think the concept brings out a bit more personality through the use of prompts. Given that it's also a non-swipe based app it doesn't feel as mind-numbingly dull, it's quite intuitive from a user perspective, and thankfully I'm not having write a whole discourse about my interests, goals, career, what I'm looking for... blah, blah. Overall I've had some great conversations and dates from Hinge. With Tinder, it's just a case of numbers isn't it? The user base is so vast, it really does feel like an endless swiping spree. I used to carry some strong opinions about Tinder but actually it's not that bad! It's almost as if people have developed better dating app etiquette over the years... if that's even a thing? I mean the quality of people will always be hit and miss (applicable to any app by the way) but Tinder is very handy for a laugh if you've got 5-10 minutes spare in the evenings.

Anyway, early May I was swiping on Tinder and I came across guy #1. I've nicknamed him Ed Sheeran because of his mannerisms, appearance (although he's not ginger), he's pretty nerdy, charismatic, and likes to play the guitar! Bear in mind, I don't really have a "type" as such... but he's certainly very different in comparison to others guys I've dated before. Looks wise, he's quite scruffy, slim, dowdy, and... honestly I think the best way to describe him is a combination of Howard and Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory (FYI - I've never watched the show so I'm purely basing this on Googling images!) I remember reading through Ed's bio and laughing, but his pictures weren't the best so for that reason I was prepared to kick him to the left, however, for whatever reason I re-read his bio and swiped right. About a week later I matched with guy #2 on Hinge; I've named him Nerdy Calvin Harris simply because he looks very similar! I don't know about you but I think actual Calvin Harris is pretty hot so to discover a nerdy version took me by surprise. Calvin's quite tall, slim, really well spoken, super intelligent, incredibly geeky (like 9 out of 10 geeky), a few years older than Ed Sheeran, and bloody hilarious. While Calvin is also slightly scruffy looking, I'd say he's closer to the guys I've previously dated in terms of characteristics and I suppose... looks in a way? When I viewed his profile, I was not impressed... there were two selfies of him (not the most flattering angles), a couple of random holiday photos (he wasn't in any of them), and an image of a retro vinyl player (whether it was his vinyl player, I've no idea!) You're probably thinking: "why the f*ck did you match with this dude?!" — truthfully, I don't know is the answer! His prompts weren't even all that either! 😂 I guess I liked his sharp blue eyes... and erm, I appreciated his holiday destinations 🤷🏻‍♀️ Thank goodness he sent me a nice opening message...


I'll go into more detail about the first dates in Part 2, but as a teaser let's just say I was not excited to leave my house (on both occasions)... yet ended up having such a blast! I spent about 8 hours with Ed, and a good 6 hours with Calvin.

In next week's post I'll spill the tea on the venues, the outfits, the conversations, how quickly they reached out for a second date, and my after thoughts.

Right, that's all I can my brain can handle for today. Catch ya later x

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