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I'm backkk, it's here, I won't waffle on too much! Making my return to dish out the juicy deets 🙊 If you're new to my blog, "Hello! Welcome!" 👋🏼 — be sure to read Part 1 before you continue on. To my usual suspects, let's pick up where we left off shall we? So in this post I'll be reminiscing the first dates; giving you the low down on the pre-date texting habits, the venues, the outfits, the conversations, how quickly they reached out for date two, and my after thoughts...


I'd been chatting with Ed for about a week or so on Tinder before we exchanged numbers. If you've ever viewed my stories on Instagram, I briefly referred to him as "Plant Guy" simply because he grew an obsession with plants during lockdown 🪴, in our early conversations he asked me to help him name his orange and lemon tree... at the time I thought to myself: "Naming plants? Is this dude okay? Does he sing to them as well?" but it was kind of amusing at the same time. Prior to our first date we had two phone conversations (each lasting around three hours), with a fair amount of texting in between which was nice. He's probably one of the most laid back, intelligent, softly spoken people I know. But the thing that stood out for me most was how closely aligned our core values and perspectives were. In the lead up to the date, he was very consistent with his communication. We'd typically exchange a few messages in the morning, crack on with our days, then catch up in the evenings. It was predicted to be sunny for our first date, thankfully the weather Gods delivered! We made a collaborative decision on the venue; opting for a nice, casual gastro pub with a beer garden. As you might know, I generally like to get dolled up, I enjoy making an effort for any date regardless if it's the 1st, 2nd, 7th, 11th. I rocked up in this short sleeved bodycon jumpsuit with heeled sandals, I put beach waves in my hair, my highlight was looking sharp, my eyebrows and winged liner was on fleek 💁🏻‍♀️ I arrived just on time (thank you Uber), Mr. Sheeran arrived a couple minutes after and erm... yeah, he was looking real geeky as I expected (which didn't bother me by the way) but the choice of outfit was interesting. In the nicest way possible, I failed to see the coordination and effort. Kudos to him for sporting a pair of raggedy shorts, his skinny legs and knobbly knees were much appreciated. The trainers were a bit tatty, the t-shirt was clearly not ironed, the hair was quite different to what I saw in his photos, lockdown hairdo perhaps? But you know... I don't base everything on looks, I always reserve judgement until after a date. 😇 I sensed he was little nervous at first but I went straight in and yabbered on asking lots of outside-the-box questions, he seemed more comfortable after about an hour. Throughout the date we touched on various topics including: plants (obviously), gin, food, technology, dating, nail care, hygiene, bad habits, pet peeves, property prices, music from the 90s, game consoles, and loads of other random shit. I don't know where it went but time flew by, it even got dark and we ended up being the last ones standing at the pub! We swiftly moved over to a different pub to continue the fun, I was seriously having such a blast with him, then before I knew it, a whole eight hours had passed... it was almost midnight at this point, on a school night as well! 😩 The talk of a second date crept in before this one had even ended! Oh in case you're wondering, no we didn't kiss... with my dating history, I'd rather not. Taking things super slow is definitely my style these days. 🐌 I often replay dates in my head and think about the funny and/or memorable moments. With Ed, there were five thing: (1) his intense eye contact (2) how incredibly close (maybe too close) he leaned in when talking to me at certain points (3) his ever so subtle touching of my hand when we discussed nail care and hygiene (4) the natural flow of our conversations (5) his kind nature, it was very apparent and really shined through. Disclaimer: points 1-3 didn't send any creepy vibes or anything! 😆 He came across as a genuine, down to earth, nerdy dude, and I didn't even think about his "interesting" outfit towards the end. I reckon this date deserved a solid 7/10!


Interestingly I didn't speak to Calvin for that long before exchanging numbers, it must have been about four days? Which is a bit out of character for me as I wouldn't dream of handing out my number so soon but I kinda liked his assertive, direct approach. When he asked to take the conversation off the app, he said (and I quote): "I've enjoyed our conversation so far and would like to meet you next week if that works? Would I be able to have your number so we can arrange something?" And that he did! He asked me where I liked to hang out, what my favourite drink was, what food I enjoy, and when would I be free. Within an hour, he suggested a place and booked it. I'm telling you... this guy did not come to play! 🤣 His texting style leading up to the date was very different to Ed's always straight to the point, he contacted me daily but not as frequent, his messages were more of a "check in" rather than a full blown conversation (which I had no issue with). If there's one thing I have to say about Calvin, it's that he's far more chatty in real life than over text, which (again) no issues there. Admittedly after having such a fab date with Ed, I wasn't really feeling the date with Calvin. It was a rainy day, and I remember slowly doing my makeup hoping he would suddenly cancel but instead I received: "Looking forward to meeting you tonight, see you at 7." Not to sound like a cow but I don't even know why I matched him in the first place... although I think it's important to keep your options open early on, even if you've had a couple of great first dates with other potentials, you never put your eggs in one basket right? I suggest spreading those mother f*ckers out! I was impressed with Calvin's choice of venue; he picked a fancy little wine bar which served Spanish tapas (one of my favourite cuisines). He even arrived 15 minutes early which made me feel awful because I arrived 10 minutes late! Outfit wise I opted for something sassy: skinny jeans with an off the shoulder top, teamed with some high heels. I decided to go with big hair waves and pin up doll makeup. As soon as I got there I noticed him straight away... he was cute, but what the hell was up with his ensemble!? His whole attire was baggy, BRIGHT, and blue — blue jeans, blue t-shirt, blue (frumpy) cardigan (are cardigans still a thing?!!), blue trainers, blue face mask, which for some reason he decided to tie around his upper arm? What's that about? Honestly I would've noticed him coming from a mile away, even with sunglasses on... yes, that bright! I actually asked him if his favourite colour was blue. It was. Oh! I'll let you in on something: he wore the same damn outfit on our second date! 😕 Nonetheless, clothing aside, he did looked much better in the flesh than his photos! If you read Part 1, you'll know that his profile pictures were not particularly flattering! Instantly we got talking straight away and I was kind of attracted to how well spoken he was. Our areas of conversation included alcohol, holidays, favourite colours (lol), food, our upbringing, we had a good laugh whilst doing a bit of people watching together (observing the other eight couples around us), our passions, movies, Netflix series, the struggles of being old and tired (lol), and fashion... basically the key takeaway was that his wardrobe consists of five jumpers, five cardigans, five t-shirts, a couple pairs of jeans, three pairs of trainers, along with two pairs of shoes. And excluding the shoes... every item of clothing is blue. 🧐

Anyway! He asked me a lot of questions, and I found myself cracking up throughout the evening. We had a very similar sense of humour — witty, sarcastic, and dry. I found his overall demeanour a lot more serious than Ed's, he's kinda weird (in an endearing way), he also had this element of mystery to him... I couldn't quite put my finger on it but he piqued my curiosity. After spending six hours together, I was surprised by how much fun I had! I had zero expectations from this date but was totally up for a second when he asked me (two days after). That same night he dropped me a text once he got home, thanking me for coming out and how he had a lovely time. I left the date thinking about four things: (1) his jawline and piercing blue eyes (2) how articulate and eloquent he sounded (3) his good manners and chivalrous gestures (4) his humour. Considering I was not in the mood for it initially, the date was strong, and I was impressed. Definitely glad I left my house in the end... first date with Calvin scored a 7.5/10. Okay my loves, so that's the first date juice for ya! Stay tuned for Part 3 (I think it'll be the final part) where I'll be discussing the kisses, the turn-ons, the turn-offs, the moment I thought about kicking them both to the curb, and who I decided to stick with in the end! Catch you next week! x

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