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Yes, I know... Valentine's Day was a whole 2 weeks ago now but "Happy Valentine's day!" nonetheless! How did you spend yours? While it's a very divisive holiday for many, I think we need to look at this particular day in a different light, and perhaps view it as not necessarily about being in a relationship but about spreading love to the people closest to you in your life. This is why I really appreciate the alternative Pal-antine's or Gal-antine's Day — at least then, there's no shaming of single people! Anyway, if you're at all interested in what I got up to over the Valentine's weekend feel free to read on...

So this year I was fortunate enough to "celebrate" in 3 different ways with 3 different people!

  1. Had a park stroll with some dude (don't get too excited, it was pretty average 🤷🏻‍♀️)

  2. Had an awesome podcast session with my fellow blogger and Instagram gal pal (hasn't been released yet but keep an eye out!)

  3. Attended a (Singles) Virtual Murder Mystery games night (28-40 years) with one of my closest friends.

And point #3 is what I'll be blogging about today...


I first found out about the event after connecting with Emma, the Artistic Director of Play Dead London. Hearing the background story and understanding how the company came about, I was keen to give it whirl! Conveniently at the time I didn't have much else planned along that weekend so thought "why not?" and signed up. Once the confirmation email came through I started having a slight panic wondering what the hell did I just agree to?! 😱 I have a knack of being spontaneous sometimes which is both a blessing and a curse! 😩 First of all, I'm appalling when it comes to gathering clues and making sense of anything. Secondly, there was no way I could go it alone! Virtual Speed Dating was one thing... but a Murder Mystery games night? Where I'm actually required to use my brain cells?! Oh god no. I needed a wingmate. And thankfully there's always one friend I can rely on in these situations, so without too much persuading involved, he was onboard! Yesss!


On the run up to the event we received a couple of email reminders explaining the joining process (via Zoom), preparation materials (pen and paper basically), and the option to dress up in 1950s gear (unfortunately we're rubbish and didn't follow through) 😬 Once we were let in, the actors/actresses took up their roles and the greeted us one by one. Arghhh! Another moment of sheer panic came on as I realised Zoom was displaying my blogger name! After the perplexed Sheriff welcomed "The Damsel in... what!???" I laughed it off and swiftly managed to adjust my name... phew! I was really impressed with the effort some of the participants made, especially the guys! I spotted some uber swanky outfits, like I'm talking full on suits (waistcoats included) and trilby hats! Nice work fellas. 👍🏼


I would say there were at least 20-25 attendees, and I couldn't see my bloody friend! A quick WhatsApp message was needed: "Where the f*** are you??!" — ohh never mind! 🥲 The Sheriff and Deputies gave us the overview, introduced us to the suspects, and shared a couple of clues. We were then split up in random groups to mingle and discuss for 5 minutes or so. It was a fast moving game and you definitely needed your thinking caps on. About 15 minutes in I felt pretty comfortable and was enjoying a good laugh with my fellow Detectives. We also had a chance to reel in the suspects for a grilling which was hilarious as most of us had no idea what to ask! 😆 Collectively we seemed about as "clued up" as each other! 🕵🏼 The hosts continued to rotate us around to ensure everyone was mixing, and occasionally the Sheriff and Deputies would regroup all participants to share a new clue in the form of a video or showcase a selection of images. I noticed the more settled in people became, the more amusing the event was. I reckon the alcohol consumption helped a tad! 🍷🤣 The hour flew by but after picking each other's brains and putting them together; gradually the evidence was starting to make sense! At the end, everyone given the chance to pose a final question to either of the suspects before individually submitting our verdict. I'm not even joking when I say I was utterly shocked and pretty damn proud that I picked the right culprit!


After the event, the actors/actresses say their thank yous and open up a few breakout rooms for everyone to interact or have a one-on-one 😉 A few people had left but I decided to stick around. However, me being me... I accidentally clicked "Leave" and found myself left high and dry! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I managed to get back in but once again, Zoom decided to display my blogger name!!! FFS. At this point a couple of folks questioned me, so figured I'd just reveal what "The Damsel in Dating Distress" was about! Some were surprised, other found it humorous, a few asked whether I was going to write about them in this post! 😂 So if you're reading this guys and gals... don't worry, I won't be exposing anyone! Interestingly some of my Murder Mystery peers were able to see those who were coupled up in private rooms, and like juvenile teenagers we poked fun as the pairs eventually made an appearance again. Throughout the night I had a number of questions fired at me about my blog and podcast which gave me a giggle, I even managed to gain a few Instagram followers! Thank you ladies and gents for the support! 😆🙈 I ended up staying on Zoom until almost midnight, chatting away to everyone. Oh by the way my friend was intoxicated and started befriending a guy, both encouraging each other to consume more alcohol! 😂 And for a short period I became the host of Breakout Room #4 where I introduced some mini games ("Would You Rather"), and started conversations about dating and relationships, ie. dating lingo, toxic exes, people lying on dating profiles... LOL!


The thought of a bunch strangers of various ages and backgrounds, getting together, connecting, laughing and forging great conversations is wonderful thing! My friend and I went in not knowing how the hour would go down, but came out almost 4 hours later with some brilliant memories. Being first-timers to this type of event made, we were really impressed. Overall the session ran on time, the concept and storyline was cleverly curated, everyone was warm and welcoming, the actors/actresses stayed in character I loved that we could interact with them during and after. It was perfect for a bit of lockdown entertainment, I'd highly suggest giving it a try if you're looking to alleviate the boredom during these times. You're guaranteed some laughs, silliness and excitement. 🙌🏼 Although the virtual murder mystery night was designed for singles, I had no intention to look for romance. That being said, it's important to highlight that these events don't have to be approached with the mindset of finding a potential match! If it happens then of course it's a bonus! But if you simply want to meet and socialise with other people from the comfort of your home, these events will certainly work in your favour.

A massive thank you (from both of us) to the Play Dead London team, you gave us quite the Valentine's Day experience! We would 100% attend another in future... until then, I shall leave you with some final words from my friend (🤣): "I was smashed up but there some nice ladies at the event last night, I would def do that again!"

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